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Facebook Store & Sortprice Feature List

There's a very good reason why has become the e-commerce industry's leader in helping retailers expand their Facebook presence.Quite simply, we offer the most feature-reach and easy-to-use social commerce application on the market.All Facebook stores developed by SortPrice are customized by our support team and are designed to match your existing website. The application incorporates Facebook's social layer, which allows fans and other uses to like your products, share them with others and add them to their individual wishlists,all helping you cultivate a viral social shopping community that is the very essence of social commerce.

Let's take a look at what you'll get should you choose to join the thousands of merchants nationwide using SortPrice's application.

Full Text Search capability

We use advanced, full text search algorithms that help users easily find your products. No more wasted time endlessly typing in keywords and searching in vain for specific products, our technology ensures that users find exactly what they're looking for quickly and easily.

Category browsing

With most social commerce platforms, your options for categorizing the products you want to list are pretty limited. But with our application, custom categorization is STANDARD. This gives you full control over your own product data and allows you to list products however you wish to maximize results and reflect seasonal changes in inventory, special sales and promotions and more.

In the merchant management console, you can choose to highlight your most popular product categories at any time, rotate the order in which your product categories are listed, and add/change images for any category as well. If you've got product categories that are specific to your company, you can use them on your SortPrice-built Facebook store as well, which is something very unique to the industry.

SortPrice Storefront Design

Storefront Design

Appearances are important! So why should you be stuck with boring layout templates that allow for no creativity? Nobody offers more choices for honing the look and feel of your Facebook store than, and you'll actually have fun doing just that with all of the options available to you.

You can customize both background and font colors, add banners to the top or sides of your store, display product layouts as either a grid or list, add customized HTML footers, edit your Facebook store buttons and much more with just a few clicks in the management console. Our customization options help you keep things fresh and current, guaranteeing that users come back for more!

SortPrice Features & Components

Features & Components

Anyone can just throw up some products on Facebook and call it a store. We take things a few steps further by giving you the power to create a truly unique and comprehensive shopping environment, complete with the ability to rotate the spotlight on your most popular products, create a splash page (welcome tab)

designed to attract new fans, and showcase both your recently-viewed items and most active wishlist users and fans too.

You can upload products to your Facebook store manually or use up-to-date data feeds, and we give you the option to allow customers to check-out right on Facebook through PayPal too.

SortPrice Engagement Tools & Marketing

Engagement Tools & Marketing

Building a Facebook presence is the first step. But engaging your Facebook fans and transforming them into potential customers is what will ultimately define the success of your social commerce campaign. We've got a host of options designed to help you communicate with users and motivate them to make purchases through you.

SortPrice Flash Sales

Our Flash Sale component is a great way to offer Facebook users an incentive,especially if you have a surplus of a certain item that you need to unload quickly. Additionally, you can offer users side-by-side product comparisons to solicit feedback, and launch both contests and games to reward fans for their loyalty. And with our unique social scheduler feature, you can plan ahead and set up both your Facebook wall posts and other engagement tools days or even weeks in advance, saving you valuable time.

Flash Sales - Sell more products and reward your fans with an exclusive discount for a limited time.

SortPrice Product Comparison

Product Comparison - Select two products and ask your fans to vote for their favorite.

SortPrice Guess the Price Game

Guess the Price Game - Challenge your fans and their friends with a fun interactive game.

SortPrice Contests

Contests - Reward your fans with contests that will keep them coming back.

SortPrice Social Tool Search

You also get a social search tool to help you track any buzz your company is getting in the media, on blogs and within other social networks, an option to change currency settings to give international shoppers access to your full catalog, and a detailed resource center chock-full of tips, case studies and more to help you get the most out of your social commerce campaign.

Finally, since we know how important it is to get results, SortPrice provides you with tracking and statistics tools to see how your Facebook store is performing-- track likes, clicks, shares, contest participants, active users and other data in snap!

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